Friday, November 13, 2009

Boston College 89 Dartmouth 58

Team         1        2         F
Dartmouth 23 35 58
BC 45 44 89
The Story...

The game itself became almost secondary upon the news that Rakim Sanders, Corey Raji, and Courtney Dunn had been suspended for 2 games for an unspecified violation of team rules. Rumors and accusations were swirling, but the players in uniform more than did their part to ensure that there would be no upset on this night. Tyler Roche led the way with a career high 30 points as the Eagles dispatched the Big Green of Dartmouth before halftime.

The game stayed competitive through the first 10 minutes as Dartmouth stifled BC with a variety of different looks on defense and a Princeton style offense. Roche ran off 8 straight points with roughly 8 minutes remaining to stretch a 7 point lead into 15 that grew eventually grew to 22 by halftime and the Eagles never looked back. What remained of the bench mopped up in the 2nd half to secure an 89-58 win to open the season.

Thumbs Up...

It's hard to get too up or too down in a game where the opposition was clearly inferior. But, under the circumstances, with several key players out, the backups were forced into key roles and performed admirably. Tyler Roche was obviously the star of the evening as he doubled his career high with 30 points. The much maligned senior was 10-12 from the field including 4-5 from 3 point land.

Also on the good list was Reggie Jackson and his 16 points and 4 assists. From an athleticism standpoint, Jackson provides the Eagles with an element the likes of which this program has rarely seen.

Dallas Elmore and Evan Ravenel also provided some quality help off the bench, chipping in with 10 and 7 points respectively. These 2 will need to be able to contribute to the team when it comes time for conference play if they are to be successful this season against better teams.

Thumbs Down...

The defense again left a lot to be desired during the period in which the game was competitive. Roche and Joe Trapani were beaten repeatedly on back door cuts that allowed Dartmouth to hang in the game early. Trapani was caught out of position on one possession and was forced to commit his 2nd foul just 4 minutes into the game.

Trapani himself also gets a thumbs down for his overall effort from both the field and the line. Joe was the Eagles most consistent player last season so it's likely that this is just a hiccup, but for this evening, he was less than himself shooting just 5-14 from the field and 1-3 from the line.

Biko Paris. I struggled with where to put Paris on the thumbs up/thumbs down chart. His ability to get the team into the offense was terrific, and his defense was solid. However, his 6 turnovers against 7 assists is absolutely unacceptable against an opponent of this caliber.

Free throw shooting also continues to be a problem for the team as they converted on just 23-32 attempts.


A solid if unspectacular performance. There were moments where things clicked really well, and others where the concerns that I have for this team (turnovers, rebounding, defense) reared there heads against an inferior opponent. The suspensions of Sanders, Raji, and Dunn obviously played a role in that, and as a result, I expect to see a more consistent basketball team in the Paradise Jam. It might not have been an exceptional win, but we'll take it!

Next Up...

The Eagles stay home next Tuesday when they take on St. Francis (NY) in what should be little more than a glorified exhibition game.

Stay Tuned For...

A recap of tomorrows football game as the Eagles seek their first road win of the season against the Virginia Cavaliers. Hopefully the recap will be up within an hour of the final whistle.

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