Monday, November 23, 2009

News, Notes, Links

Yeah, I know I was slacking over the weekend. It was a good time though, went to the game, then out to Roggie's and then caught the Texas/Kansas game on TV that night. Now we're back on a regular schedule.

BC Football Links

Coach Spaz may finally be tiring of the "the team is young" mantra.

Despite the tough loss at home, 8 or even 9 wins would still be a good season for BC.

It was simply not a good day to be a BC football fan Saturday.

The offensive line corralled the aggressive UNC D-Line except for some key plays.

BC Basketball Links

WEEI wouldn't dare bump the Big Show for todays BC-UNI your only avenue for listening to the game is through CBS All-Access online.

*UPDATE* The video feed for the game will also be available...providing you've got 8 bucks laying around. Might be worth it though considering the interesting opponent.

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