Monday, November 23, 2009

Posting Schedule for 11/23-11/30

I'll be in attendance this Saturday at Byrd Stadium for the BC-Maryland game, and with Thanksgiving being this Thursday (that snuck up on us didn't it?), I might not be as active this week. But I'll do my best. As always, I don't have the "news, notes, and links" posts listed here as they will occur daily.


Bowling in Obscurity Part 2. Despite "the BC rule" no longer being a factor for the Eagles, this weekends finale against Maryland still holds huge implications for BC's bowl possibilities. We'll examine why.


New Faces on the Heights. Al Skinner has signed 3 new recruits that will help shape the future of BC basketball for the next few years. We'll profile each of them.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Preview- BC football vs. Maryland
Preview- BC basketball vs. Providence


Recap- BC football vs. Maryland
The Scene- Photos from Byrd Stadium


BC basketball vs. Providence

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