Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Boston College 72 St. Francis (NY) 44

The Scoreboard
                      1        2         F
St. Francis (NY) 22 22 44
Boston College 36 36 72
The Story...

The Eagles showed a little bit more energy early in the game tonight in an attempt to bury the wounded Terriers early. But the Terriers remained feisty, battling back from as many as 20 in the 1st half behind Akeem Bennett (team high-18 points). Still, despite the effort from St. Francis, BC led by 14 at the half. The rest of the game though, became the Tyler Roche & Reggie Jackson show. Roche hit 5 3's and led all scorers with 19 while Jackson scored 17 while dishing out 7 assists and bringing down 8 rebounds and the Eagles cruised to a 72-44 win at Conte Forum. It was the final game before the returns of the suspended Rakim Sanders, Corey Raji, and Courtney Dunn.

By the Numbers...

33.3%...The percentage of free throws made by St. Francis (4-12). When you're undermanned and facing a superior opponent you simply can not afford to leave points on the floor. The misses at the line were the reason the game didn't get more interesting in the 1st half while the Terriers were playing well from the field.

16...The number of turnovers for the Eagles. A number of these came during the aforementioned first half run by St. Francis when the team seemed to relax after getting a 20 point lead in the first 12 minutes. BC settled down afterwards and only had 4 turnovers in the 2nd half. They also forced 18 Terrier turnovers.

13...The number of points for Josh Southern. That ties a career high for Southern, who will need to be vastly improved and be able to stay out of foul trouble if the Eagles are going to be successful this season. Josh was very effective in this game from the field and showed surprising touch from the mid-range, a shot he did not have the last 2 seasons.

7:4...The A/T ratio of BOTH Biko Paris and Reggie Jackson. I mentioned in my preview that I wanted to see something closer to the 2:1 ratio that is the gold standard for point guards and we saw it. If it weren't for a sloppy stretch in the 1st half, this number would have been even better. Nice job by both, Jackson in particular...the team as a whole had 21 assists on 28 baskets...an excellent number.

Thumbs Up...

The Offense.
The offense was very fluid against the 2-3 zone that St. Francis deployed in an attempt to slow down the Eagles. They constantly found the seams and moved very well off the ball into the open spaces. Reggie Jackson in particular was excellent at finding the cutters on the weak side. When the team did settle for 3's, they made sure most of them were of the open variety and made them.

Tyler Roche. For the second straight game Tyler Roche was a consistent threat from all over the floor and proving that at least for now, he'll be a powerful weapon. As long as he continues to play defense and rebound he'll have carte blanche to fire away from deep as he did in this game (5 made 3's). Before we designate him for a lead role on this team though, let's see what happens this weekend.

Reggie Jackson. Reggie provided the leadership at the point guard position that the team was worried would be lacking with the departure of Tyrese Rice. I'm not ready to say that Jackson is more deserving than Biko Paris...but I'm getting close. I also found it interesting that as opposed to the Dartmouth game, Jackson played the lead guard throughout most of the game while Paris mostly played off the ball. Perhaps Al Skinner is waning on his decision to start Paris?

Thumbs Down...

Sustained Intensity. The Eagles came out with better energy than they did against Dartmouth and looked like they were interested in ending this game quickly. But after building a quick 20 point lead, the Eagles relaxed and St. Francis didn't quit. This resulted in the St. Francis chopping 8 points off the lead. While it's likely they won't have these types of lapses in concentration against better teams, if they do, the runs by the other team will come faster and with more points.


Much better performance overall than the Dartmouth game. Complete with tremendous ball movement against the 2-3 zone, transition points, solid perimeter shooting, and pretty good on the ball defense the Eagles turned in a solid game. The first 2 games were all about building depth for the more important games while Sanders, Raji, and Dunn served their 2 game suspensions and I think they accomplished that. With Jackson, Ravenel, Dunn, and Roche off the bench, the depth that was in great question before the season suddenly seems to not be so bad.

Stay Tuned For...

Tomorrow I'll post up an article that I hope will draw some interest. I'll be analyzing who belongs in the BCS from the non-automatic qualifier category, Boise State or TCU? Should be up in the afternoon.

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