Monday, December 7, 2009

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Early Thoughts on BC vs. USC in the Emerald Bowl.

I, like a lot of folks, am really excited for this game. Rare is the time that BC gets the opportunity to play a program of this caliber in a bowl game. Often times they've been relegated to playing low level major conference programs (read: Vanderbilt, North Carolina, etc.) or high level mid-major teams (read: Boise State, Toledo, Colorado State, etc.), which are generally one in the same. But in this case, the Eagles will be taking on perhaps the premiere college football program of this decade.

Yes, they're down. No, they're not BCS caliber this season. And no, the intensity level probably won't be very high, but for the Eagles, this is a great opportunity. This game will be played on national TV (ESPN) in prime time (8pm) on a day that generally will have friends and family gathered thanks to the holidays (Dec. 26). So there's a good chance that all of that, combined with USC being in the game, this will provide a very large stage for Frank Spaziani and the Eagles.

That can be two-fold though. BC has the opportunity to beat one of the great all-time football programs in a bowl game on national TV, but there is also the potential that USC rises above it's mediocrity and plays to it's talent level and absolutely drubs them as well. Despite their identical 8-4 records, make no mistake, these 2 teams could not possibly be more different. USC, despite their struggles, will have better talent in nearly phase and at nearly every position. The saving grace for BC likely will be the aforementioned intensity factor. BC will be absolutely jacked to play this game. I hardly see USC, which has spent the better part of this decade throttling Big 10 teams in the Rose Bowl or winning national championships, being nearly as excited. If BC can play with controlled energy, they can compete in this game.

BC Football vs. USC Links

Both the Emerald Bowl and BC are thrilled with the match-up. Pete Carroll? Not so much.

The decision came down to who lost worse on Saturday and would drop further, USC or Cal?

Senior safety Taylor Mays says the Trojans aren't just going to San Francisco for the scenery. They want to win the game.

BC Basketball vs. Miami Links

The Eagles allowed another double digit lead to get away but still came away with the win.

Reggie's free throw shooting and rebounding down the stretch spoke louder than his ferocious dunk.

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